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Year · 2014 
Tutor · Manuel Pérez Romero

Type · Construction, Concept
+++ Exhibited at IE Archireview ´14
The Octopus Pod is the result of a process of translation and abstraction of constructive systems commonly found in nature and non-architectural technologies to the architectural language. The Octopus Pod is thought as a shelter able to resist floodings and quickly evacuate the affected area, taking its users to safer lands. Its evacuation process goes through a series of phases.
1. Octopus Pod resting on the land, tied through cables to the foundations blocks.
2. Through a system of propulsion pumps the pod liberates ink from a chamber situated at the bottom, which helps the pod floating once reached the surface of the water.
3. During the evacuation process, panoramic inflatable extensions can be opened.
4. Once reached the surface, the pod should be opened again in order to provide better balance.
5. Once the foundation cables reach a maximum point they will disconnect automatically and the hot air balloon can be turned on.
6. Finally, by controlling the burner of the balloon, the pod can be directed to safer lands.
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