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Year · 2012 
Tutors · Pablo Oriol, Fernando Rodriguez

Location · Central Park, NYC, USA
Type · Housing
+++ Exhibited at Show. IE Undergraduate Exhibition 2012
Loop House is a project developed after Woody Allen’s 1979 movie Manhattan as a love house for the couple of Isaac and Mary. The two lovers carry on a secret relationship hidden from their respective partners.This is why Loop House becomes an intimate place where Isaac and Mary can spend some time together without worrying about their other life, without worrying about the real world.
Central Park, a quite place in the middle of such a crowded area like Manhattan, represent the pefect spot for this intimacy.
Loop House develops as a house where the couple can relax and enjoy to the maximum their time together. The emphasis on the routine lies behind the concept for the house. This was brought to the extreme by fragmenting the program, underlining the passing of the time and reminding the couple to enjoy each moment spent in each of the rooms.
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