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Palma Housing Complex

Year · 2015 
Tutor · Jaume Mayol

Location · Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Type · Housing

This project explores the possibilities of re-interpreation of the vernacular urban typology of the Kasbah. The traditional city-form typical of the once Moorish territories is based on a series of inner logics which structure the relations among the several degrees of domesticity. Through form, typology and public realm, the project engages the territorial scale developing a comprehensive layout that fosters new encounters.
From an urbanistic point of view, the re-invented typology of the kasbah comes as an answer to the site. Delimited by highly congested streets on three out of its four sides (1), the plot is elevated into a ‘walled’ plinth for exclusive pedestrian use (2), limiting the vehicles to the area below, in what becomes a linear parking, without disrupting the current circulation. Major public spaces are distributed within the plot, according to the accesses and concentration points (3), and they are connected through a system of streets of different hierarchies (4).
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