1. Act I - Romance
  2. Act II - Drama
  3. Act III - Tragedy
  4. Act IV - Comedy

Year · 2015 
Tutor ·

Type · Editorial, graphic, photography, branding
With Lorena Galvao, Marina Bicca, Jacob Matthias Kummer. Food sculptures by Tunisha Kapadia
David Díez (DDZ)
Interpreting the Chaos of Life Through Food is a 4-act book that aims at developing different perspectives of life by means of an unexpected language: food. The book was developed during a three-week workshop as an introduction to branding and editorial design. It consists on 4 acts which work as independent chapters while maintaining some common elements.

Act 1 - Romance, depicting in a photographic way the first moments of a relationship.
Act 2 - Drama, selection of renowned dramatic poems using food as metaphores.
Act 3 - Tragedy, food-related tragedies. To evoke their experience the act was thought to be non-editable and food-treated.
Act 4 - Comedy, the content of original newspaper articles edited, fine sarcasm in a standard serious format.
Articles - Elements of design related to the food industry and referring to the previous acts
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