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Year · 2015 
ARKxSITE Competition Entry

Location · Serra da Estrela, Portugal
Type · SPA & Hospitality
​With Jaime Pagés Sánchez
The project bases its strategy on a set of strong geometries that call for an autonomous architecture while contextually maintaining the directionality of the surrounding rocks. This dialogue between context and geometry is strengthened by the treatment of edges of the building, blurred in its totality but carefully thought in each of the situations. The geometries implemented on site dictate the thesis of the building, establishing a logic of solids and voids that allow us to clearly differentiate between serving and served programs.
The building pays special attention to the experiential side of architecture, seeking to make out of each movement and transition, a unique experience that goes beyond program. In order to achieve such goal three main materials are used: concrete, light and nature. The concrete used in the project enhances the horizontality of the spaces and blends the architecture with the context through the use of a similar colour palette. Light is treated as a key material, and moulded in different ways throughout the different spaces, strengthening the concept of unique atmospheres according to the program. Finally, nature is used as “the third wall” catering a strong relation with the context and sense of belonging to the specific location.
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