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Year · 2014 
Tutor · Edouard Cabay + Michael Chomette

Location · Beauvais, France
Type · Research, Parametric Architecture
​With Ricardo Adrian Lopez
+++ Exhibited at Nuit Spéciale 2014
Beauvais Observatory is the outcome of a research and exploration-oriented studio format (Atelier -Re).
Treating the cathedral of Beauvais as magnifying lens, the investigation explores the contrast between the micro and macro scale: the difference between miniscule particles and stars. An exploration of the night sky that has often clashed with the ideology of the Church. Nonetheless, this science is already present in this same cathedral with an important astronomical clock by Auguste-Lucien Verité. Walking on this line between science and religion, the project is developed as an astronomical observatory. 
In order to develop this, a study of verticality becomes necessary. In the case of Beauvais, this means columns. Commonly known as a rigid, upright support element, columns associate what is above with what is below, but it can be so much more: the meeting point between the two scales. What if a column is not only a column? A column thought as stairs, as void, as inhabitable space, as vertical arrangement of elements. In this circumstance, as an inhabitable telescope that brings the macro scale within the cathedral, a parasite element that derives from the original geometries present in Beauvais Cathedral.
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